Traditional Thai Medicine

Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) has its origins from Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda. Thai wisdom and herbalism(use of plants to improve health) became parts of TTM. TTM has a long history, dating back to the time of Buddha. Shivago Komparapaj, a doctor of Buddha, set up basic health treatments. He is the respected Father of Thai medicine. TTM is used for several thousand years already. The fundamental concept of Thai Traditional Medicine revolves around nature and natural way of life. The well-being of a human being doesn’t only depend on the internal body(physical body, mind and spirit), but also depends on its external factors. According to Thai Medical theory, causes of diseases can be concluded into:

  1. Imbalances of the fundamental four elements (earth,water,wind, fire)
  2. Change of the climate (seasonal changes)
  3. Change of life period (age)
  4. Change of the period of day (time changing)
  5. Change of the location (topography changes)
  6. Living with wrong behavior (stress etc)

Traditional Thai Massage

In Thailand, Traditional Thai Massage is perceived as a medical practice that can heal and contribute to a better health. Traditional Thai Massage is more than kneading muscles and joints. Massage points along the invisible lines called: “Thai principal massage lines”, also known as energy lines in Chinese medicine, are massaged as well. The obstruction of these energy lines may cause discomfort or eventually disease. When pressing on these lines, the pressure will stimulate the flowing of internal energy in the body.

Effects of the massage

  • Become more aware of your body. Sensory nerve endings all over your body are stimulated.
  • Blood circulation is improved, so that fresh blood full with nutrients circulates better
  • Relieve of pain, stiffness, fatigue in muscles as the waste products are removed. The increased oxygen and nutrients aid tissue repair and recovery of the muscle.
  • Break down of knots. Knots can be developed within the muscles because of tension, injuries and poor posture.

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